Does where you study matter?

Well, if you’re trying to study for a major exam while you’re out watching your little brother play for the State tournament…then ‘Yes, where youstudy definitely matters’.

So where is the best place for you to study?

Are you organized? Then “Read Here”:
If you’re a person who has their room all organized with, say a proper study space like a desk that has all the materials needed to study, then this mightbe a good place for you to crack down on the books. However, if you’re easily distracted by how comfy your bed looks, or how fun your Xbox looks, thenfinding another place to study might be best…keep reading.

Need quiet to focus? Then “Read Here”:
If you need total and complete silence in order to concentrate, then somewhere like a library, or study hall might be the best place for you to get yourbrain waves flowing. They’ll also have a space for you to study like a table or desk, or a comfy chair or sofa for you to strain your brain…justdon’t get too comfy. I once passed out in the library while doing some reading and completely missed my next class!

Do you like a little bit of noise? Then “Read Here”:
If it’s hard for you to be in an absolutely quiet room, where every sound makes you turn your head, then you might need a noisier place to get your thinkon. If this noisier place is too much of a distraction because of what’s making the noise (like an annoying roommate, or a screaming brother and sister),then maybe try a little music. However, stay away from the headphones and try to use a stereo that’s playing music you’re familiar with. This will helpto not distract you too much. Research has shown that studying with headphones on tends to decrease memory and information retention, while backgroundmusic can be a study aid.

How to “Study” hard…real hard:
So once you’ve decided what kind of environment suits you best, you can gear up for your study sessions. Here are a few tips to help you make the mostof your study time:
•Turn off the TV.
•Turn off your cell phone, or put it on “airplane” mode if you need it to study.
•Get a good study buddy, or work alone. The apple of your eye is probably not the best person to “study” with (wink wink), especially if they’re not workingon the same thing you are.
•Take a 10- 15-minute break for every 50 to 75 minutes of studying.
•Get a healthy snack during your break…you’re body and mind will thank you.

Best of luck to you!


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