I was able to track my DNA to the yaqui and apache, can I be recognized

Hi Auntie, I’m 50% native and I was able to track my native DNA to the Yaqui of the Sonora and the apache of Arizona, can I be recognized in these tribes even though I have no records since my birth mother and I were adopted?

Glad to help you on this journey.

Here’s how to enroll with your tribe:

  • Start by doing an Internet search of your tribes official website. For example, “(Name of Tribe) Enrollment”.

Every tribe has their own requirements for enrollment. You’ll just have to check with your tribe for those specifics.

Generally, enrollment involves

  • Filling out an Application
  • Provide Birth certificate/ Social Security Card
  • Provide Proof of lineage or Blood quantum
  • Application fee

Adoption is not unusual in Indian Country, if you run into issues be sure to give your tribal office a call. Their number will be listed on their official website. They’re there to help. 🙂

I’m glad you wrote in and hope this helps!

Best of luck,

Auntie Manda

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