I am a foster youth what resources are available to me?

Dear Auntie, I am a foster youth and I heard there are resources for kids who were or are in foster care for school or skills… what resources are available to me?

Absolutely! This is a great question I think a lot of people can benefit from.

Here are some resources you can check out:

  • Case Worker – each State is a little different, so check with your case worker to see what’s available in your State.
  • School Counselor – likewise, your school counselor can let you know all the available resources to you.
  • Free Health Care – if you have questions check out or call 503-717-1552.
  • Tribal Resources – because tribes are sovereign, each tribe will have it’s own resources for foster youth. Get online to find your tribes official website and give them a call.
  • School – Title VII – check with your school to get enrolled, if you haven’t already. Title VII helps American Indian/Alaska Native youth and their families to succeed.
  • FosterClub – provides information on entering foster care, youth rights in foster care, normalcy, keeping connected to siblings, and youth stories as part of the #FosterEquality campaign.

I hope this will get you started. Keep in mind that sometimes it takes talking to the right person. If you’re not getting the help or answers you’re looking for, talk to someone else.

Take care,
Auntie Manda

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