I recently found out, that I’m Apache. Is there a lost history in Mexico?

Hi, Auntie Amanda. I recently found out from my grandmother, who was born and raised in Mexico, the state of Michoacan, that I’m Apache. My grandmother said she was half but estranged from the culture or any information. Is there a lost history in Mexico?

Thank you for reaching out. Learning about our collective histories is one of my favorite questions to answer.

The Apache come from a rich background. There are six Apache Tribes that descend from the Athabaskan language family who are now located across the United States, but most located in the Southwest part of the country:

  • Chiricahua
  • Jicarilla
  • Lipan
  • Mescalero
  • Plains Apache
  • Western Apache

Traditionally, and prior to treaties that established what is now the US Mexican border, the Apache had a significant territory that reached deep into what is now Mexico. I attempted to look up to see if the Apache lived in the state of Michoacan in Mexico, but it was unclear if the Apache territory reached that far south. Even if the state of Michoacan was not part of the Apache territory, we do know that that Apache traded with Indigenous tribes even further south into Mexico and into Central America prior to colonization.

What that said, I think you should ask your grandmother for more information about what she knows of this part of your culture. Some of the lost stories are held in the stories of our grandmothers. I would also suggest doing some more reach in the subject. I found this interesting article, with a map of the Mexican Apache territories called the Independent Indians and the US-Mexican Wars.

Good luck in seeking the lost history of the Apache in Mexico. If you feel up to it, maybe you can write a blog for the website? 🙂

Take care,

Auntie Manda

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