I’m half native and half European. Are there resources out there to learn more about this topic?

Dear Auntie, I’m half native and half European. I’m really trying to understand if the European parts of me and my ancestors from Ireland, France, and Germany have indigenous practices. Are there resources out there to learn more about this topic?

What a fun journey!

Start with what’s readily available to you: the Internet and your family.

Talk to Your Family

I’d start by checking with your family members to get more details on your European heritage; one ethnicity at a time. Start with the one you have the most information on and go from there.

Search the Internet

Do a simple internet search by combing words like ‘native Irish’, ‘ethnic French, or ‘German ethnic groups’. You find that there are a lot of common European ancestry, so the more your family can help provide details on specific regions, familial names, and dates the better to narrow things down.

Don’t Forget Your Local Library!

Talk to your local librarian to get some tips on researching your ancestry.

Go the Extra Mile & Travel

Travel in general has a ton of benefits from broadening your horizons, to learning more about who you are as an individual. Add to it the extra measure of learning in person about where your ancestors come from and you’ve got an extra dose of life altering changes.A few weeks, months, years in Europe discovering more about who you are sounds kind of amazing!

Thanks for writing in!

Auntie Manda


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