Hello! First off I wanted to thank you for taking the time to do this & help educate others. It is greatly appreciated! My question is how I can make art & spread awareness about indigenous issues as a white woman. I grew up in the black hills of South Dakota and recently lost a friend who was m*rdered & she is now part of the long list of MMIW. I am a talented artist & want to make pieces to bring light to this issue and sell as NFTs, with all proceeds donated to MMIW & programs back home to help young women. Being white though, I want to tread carefully and do this right. Any advice and recommendations are appreciated! #MMIW #LongLiveDominiqueBrave

Hi there!

Thanks for writing in.

This service is for Native youth but we do try to answer all questions when we can. We appreciate you writing in and want to send our condolences to you for the friend you lost. Here is a resource for how you can help spread awareness about MMIW,

If you want to bring awareness to other Indigenous issues as well it would be important to talk to Indigenous community members and ask what the important issues to their community currently are. Listen, learn and be present.

Take care,

Auntie Colbie

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