Hey Auntie, I’m getting crazy cabin fever with the power outages and winter! Help!

I totally hear you. Winter, grey skies, quarantining, online learning, now power outages across the country to top it all off, it is brutal.

So, think of the things you can control and learn to let go of the things you can’t. Easier said than done, right? So, work on creating good thinking habits.

If you start to get worked up or start being short or snapping at those you love, don’t trash yourself for it; slow down and start to notice, observe what’s playing out in the scene. How is your body feeling? Do a body scan, from your toes to your head to see where you might be holding tension, then take some deep breaths and send calm to those places. When we start to think of ourselves as observes, we start to pick up patterns which can help us break cycles that aren’t helping us be the best versions of ourselves.

Some things I like to do when I’m feeling overwhelmed or down is to create. I like to create new and different spaces in my home. Like completely rearranging a room. I think being Zuni and raised as an animist, believing that all things including inanimate objects have a spirit, makes me want to find beauty in my surroundings.

New haircuts or hairstyles, makeup, cutting my nails, mixing up my wardrobe also help me to feel good!

I hope this helps!

Take care

Auntie Manda

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