Hey, I’m 15 years old and want to get the COVID vaccine. Is it available and safe?

Hi there! Thank you so much for writing in and for asking about the vaccine! I’m glad that you are thinking about it and asking these important questions 🙂

This last month, the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine in youth ages 12 to 15 years old. Clinical trials have shown that the vaccine is safe and effective for youth.

Now to get into it, I will first start off by saying that you must check BOTH your STATE AND COUNTY eligibility! You can do this by going online and searching your local health department website and finding info about vaccine eligibility for teens.

According to the CDC, recommendations are that anyone 12 years old and up should get the vaccine and that it is safe for teens to receive it 🙂 as always, ask your provider if you have any concerns or questions! That being said, there are differences around consent among teens that again are dependent upon your local guidelines. For example, in the state of Oregon 15-17 years olds can get the vaccine without parental consent or chaperoning, however 12-14 years olds need to be accompanied by their parent or have consent from the parent if accompanied by another adult. Keep in mind that youth do have the right to get vaccinated without parental consent in many places.

If you want to find a place to get the vaccine, go to or contact your local IHS, tribal, or urban Indian health care facility to ask about vaccine availability in your area. Hope this helps and kudos to you for reaching out!

-Cousin Lael

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