Hi Auntie! I recently have been using crystals but am curious about Native American religion since I am Native American myself, I don’t want to betray any religion but I just want to know if I can believe in both!

Gunalchéesh, thank you for reaching out.

You are not the only person who is finding balance in their traditional and personal spiritualities. You can believe in whatever you like! As indigenous people, we constantly walk in two worlds. With one eye we see the western and eastern ways, with the other our traditional ways. We learn western science and indigenous science and use them both to help our people. We make indigenous art using materials that our ancestors never touched. We have bridged so many worlds in the past, and continue to do so every day. There’s no reason that shouldn’t apply to spirituality.

The best things you can do to ensure that you’re honoring your people’s religion is to learn. Sit with your elders and learn from what they say. Take part in ceremonies and learn from those spiritual teachers. Talk with your aunties and uncles and learn from their stories and laughter. Don’t be afraid to ask about the traditions that you haven’t learned yet. Every opportunity to learn and to teach is a blessing.

My beliefs and spirituality have changed over time, and you may find that yours do too. That is a natural part of life. But don’t let anyone shame you into giving up the spirituality that most empowers you. Learn about crystals, learn about your traditional religion, and use what you learn to be the most holistic and healthy you that you can be.

Blessings and take care,

Uncle Paige

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