Hi auntie, I’m trans ftm and I dont know if I can make a ribbon skirt or if I can wear them? Please help!

Hi there

Thanks for writing in! Before getting into your question, I will preface with this: what we wear can be a form of expression. You have every right to express yourself in whatever way you choose to. And, it’s okay to experiment… sometimes things fit with how we want to express ourselves and sometimes they don’t. As we move through life, it’s helpful to keep a journal to help us process and reframe our thinking. Please be mindful of answers or reactions and do what you need to take care.

So that being said, let’s get into Ribbon skirts! Ribbon skirts are about empowerment and remembering our sacredness. Ribbon skirts have become a universal symbol of resistance, land, and water protection and a symbol of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG).

With that, let’s talk about what this may mean to you 🙂 Do you feel that what’s mentioned above, fits with you? I encourage you to sit strong with yourself, and dive deep down into your heart. Does the power and meaning held within a Ribbon skirt align with who you are? If so, then it would seem to me as if that’s what matters.

Likewise I don’t think of or see myself to be in the position of saying what’s ok or giving others permission to do anything, but instead to be here to validate you and your process in coming towards that healthy and authentic version of yourself 🙂

I trust you and your heart to do what feels right and is respectful, to both yourself and the meaning behind Ribbon skirts.

If you need more insight or support, check out this article by Vogue that highlights a Two Spirit relative and Ribbon skirts:

I hope this helps!

Take care,

Cousin Asia

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