Hi Auntie! My name is Sophia and I’m just curious to know if my really Yaqui descendent. There is only one problem : I live in Germany. Is there a way to get DNA test and send it from here? Or should I have to be in the US for this?

Hi Sophia!

It sounds like you’ve heard from someone that you may be Yaqui… pretty cool! If you’re looking to find out more, see if you can get more information from the person/ people you heard this from. Asking around is great way to discover more about your lineage. If you discover more, contact your tribal office and talk with the enrollment department. You can do a simple internet search for their information.

If you’re interested in doing a DNA test you can do an internet search to find out more about international shipping and costs. It looks like that’s definitely a possibility.

Best of luck on your journey!

Auntie Manda

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