Hi I was wondering if you guys have any stories that relate to the environment?

Great question! To give you a short answer. Absolutely. We have stories, legends, and mythos and continued teachings that are centered on the environment. What an amazing and exciting question.

Some reminders when looking into these stories. When looking into stories you will learn that they are usually born from the type of environment that they exist in. i.e. plains, coastal, woodland, high desert etc. These diverse environments and tribes that exist and thrive in them will have different stories and teachings. All of this gives shapes to our teachings. When you include that there are 574+ federally recognized tribes, the diversity in these will be vast.

This isn’t to dissuade you, but challenge you to look inward. Visit your tribe, your elders and listen to your stories, legends, mythos and teachings. The world is ever changing so learning where you come from will help you to succeed in other climates. Through humility share your ways, but also listen and respect the ways of the places you visit. Share knowledge, and appreciation go a long way to foster a healthy environment. There is never a once size fits all approach, and I am excited to listen to some of the stories you have to share.

Uncle Paige

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