Auntie Nikki, I am white passing native and didn’t grow up with the culture. Where do I start to learn about culture, practices and more?

First of Quyana for this question,

I relate to it so much on so many levels. Growing up I didn’t learn Yupik in the home. I learned it in elementary school. When I got older I took college classes. And I also started reading a lot of books about my Yup’ik culture. One of them I really enjoy is Wise Words of the Yup’ik People: We talk to you because we love you. I invested in a Yup’ik Eskimo Dictionary and I really just kind of dove in and started looking at all the resources I had available. And so if you have those resources available about your culture I would say start there. If there’s elders in your area who would be willing to talk with you, get the courage to talk to them because I am sure they would love to share stories with you. And because finding your identity is so important and I hope that you start to look into your background and history.

And I hope this video finds you well,


Auntie Nikki

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