How can I become a Superhero?

How can I become a Superhero?

What a wonderful question. We can all be superhero’s and there are some real superheroes walking among us every day. To be a good superhero you need:

  • Courage. Courage and bravery leap to mind first when we think of heroism. …
  • Selflessness. True leaders always put others first. …
  • Humility. Nothing makes a heroic leader seem a little less heroic than if he or she seems to want constant credit for his or her actions. …
  • Patience…
  • Caring.

What makes a good superhero, is what makes a good human being, but with a cause. Think about what you care about personally, is there a cause you are passionate about; Indigenous rights, land and water rights, animal rights? Are there issues in your community that need someone to address, like feeding people who are hungry, or picking up trash? These may seem insignificant, but these issues impact our community.

There are so many Indigenous superheroes out there fighting the good fight. It was a group of youth who decided started the movement at Standing Rock , that inspired the world to defend our mother earth and shown light on issues that impact Native American communities. There are some amazing Indigenous superheroes that you can learn about. ComicVine has a great list of Native American Superhero’s that can inspire you.

Finally, every superhero needs an inspirational quote. Superman said“There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.” Wonder Women said “You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know.” My secret quote is “You are your ancestors’ wildest dreams come true”.

From one superhero to another, good luck relative, be safe and change the world.

Auntie Manda


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