How can I find information on menstrual cycles?

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You can find more information on common questions on puberty by going to We R Native’s website and in the coming of age section.

In some Tribal teachings the menstrual cycle is referred to as your ‘moon cycle’ or ‘moon time’. It is considered to be an incredibly powerful time for a female and is often a time to recharge when a true cleansing of the body is taking place.

The moon time is considered a time of power, second only to the ability of the Great Spirit to give life. That is how strong that power is. Women can ask Grandmother Moon for direction in life, for wisdom and for help for her children and others. Grandmother Moon can give her healing and balancing energy to women.

Some teachings say that when women are on their moon time the Creator comes closer to them. When women are on their moon time their power is at its strongest, this is acknowledged in that they do not prepare foods or medicines, take part in ceremonies or use the pipes and other sacred items.

The moon time is a ceremony of life for women and a time for renewal. The moon time is a time for women to relax and take it easy (if that’s possible!). All the chores are done by other family members. It is a time for women to think about themselves, their family, their relatives or anyone they think needs help. It is a time of reflection

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