how can i manage my anger

Hey Uncle here!

Short answer; practice, patience, understanding and a lifetime devotion to fighting a lifetime concern.

This is a two part answer:

Part 1: Identification. Begin to Identify why you are angry. Folk don’t always associate the underlying reasons for their anger. Anger is usually rooted in emotions like fear, pain, anxiety (worry), frustration, stress and depression. Though there are plenty of other reasons why people get angry. The more you can start to understand why you are getting angry, and what is causing it; the better you’ll be able to manage it. I am a firm believer in if you can see the reason why, you can start to plan for ways to address it.

Part 2: Prevention and management! So you figured out the whys now you can start to work on preventing them from happening. Or start to prepare for them if they are unavoidable. Coping Skills are crucial preventing and managing one’s self. Coping skills are a great way to prevent and manage complex feelings and emotions. Spending time with oneself, doing things that make you feel good (Journaling, exercise, walking, breathing) and creating ways for you to reset are great ways for starting to manage ones anger.

Anger will happen, and will continue to happen. That’s okay. What you do to take care of yourself before, during and after should help manage the impact anger will have on your day to day.

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