How do I get in a relationship

How do I get in a relationship?

There is no easy answer to this question because there are so many ways to meet people. When trying to meet people we should consider a few things.

You have to put yourself out there to meet people. This can be scary because there can be times when we will be rejected. But, you can consider joining a club, or after school activities or just talk to new people. But be yourself. While you are waiting to meet the right person I suggest you think about what kind of relationship you want to be in. Here are some things that every good relationship, no matter how old, new, normal, strange, or undefined it is, should have.

Communication. This means that you can talk with your partner openly about problems without shouting or yelling. It also means making consensual sexual decisions. This is incredibly important for every relationship. It means that you can talk openly about sexual decisions together. This means talking about that is OK and what is not OK for each person.

Respect. This means listening to each other in a way that values the other person’s culture, beliefs, opinions, and boundaries.

Trust. When you do things that uplift the other person, things that are kind and considerate. Then you will earn trust from the other person.

Honesty. Means that you are consistently straightforward with each other. This doesn’t mean that you have to share everything…just the things that you know are important for the other person to know.

Equality. This means that you share making decision with your partner and you respect the other person’s ideas…sometimes it’s just about taking turns.

Personal Space. This one’s a big one for me…I feel the better I am, the better I can be in my relationship. For me that means, taking time out for myself…to make sure I’m doing the things that make me happy. This might mean going for a walk by myself, taking time to journal, or going to a coffee shop by myself…just enjoying some ‘me’ time.

When seeking out relationships it’s important to remember to respect other person and yourself. Be patient, be kind to yourself, and be yourself and you will meet people who you can explore many kinds of relationships with.

Auntie Manda


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