How do you celebrate July 4th?

Hi there! This is a good question!

I first want to say that it’s okay to celebrate any US holiday however you choose to.

It’s also okay if you want to boycott or redefine the holiday by reflecting on how the holiday might look through an Indigenous lens. For example, if you would rather spend holidays like Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, or July 4th practicing a tradition from your tribe or by spreading awareness, then go for it!

It’s also okay if you don’t know how to feel about celebrating or observing any US holiday. However you feel about it…is okay!

I will be spending my July 4th holiday by being thankful for my family who I get to quarantine with, reflecting on how freaking awesome and resilient my relatives are and by making a commitment to do my part.

Thanks for writing in!


Auntie Manda

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