I am a 10 year old learning animation. But, I think I am too young, should I continue or wait?

I’m glad you asked this question,

Auntie and Uncle asked me as a Diné artist to respond to your question.

Please continue to be curious and ask these questions, as a developing artist interested in animation and art. Good to hear that you have respect for the art form.

It’s great to get ahead of the game by pursuing your interests in animation art. While your interests and skills are still developing (and will continue to develop throughout your whole life), keep in mind that it is okay to have options.

As for animation, it is great you’re willing to start at a young age. With animation comes more things to think about.

As an artist and graphic designer myself, I would recommend also learning more about the basics of art and storytelling. Start by using what you have available such as asking your parents, teachers, family, and friends about animation and digital artwork. This way they, or you, can find a place or something online you can access and learn from, here is a quick search as a starting point to learn from online. A mentor would be good to have as well if you know someone with knowledge about animation.

I encourage you to learn and explore more about this rare skill set. I am glad you are interested in taking on this challenge.

I hope this was helpful, good luck, and continue to be creative.

Cousin Corey


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