I had a vivid dream where I was told my native name. This young woman I’ve seen more than once, unsure if she is my ancestor or my spirit guide, announced or gave it to me. I’m proud of my name but am curious if it’s okay to use my native name publicly?

Hi Merrick!

Dreams are such a fascinating story to tap into. I too have incredibly vivid and detailed dreams. Often, I can feel, smell, and make decisions within them. They used to scare me because some of them were pretty intense.

If you have an elder to talk to, start that conversation. This is a great question to ask your elders or someone from your tribe. Keep in mind that just because someone is an elder doesn’t mean they have experience in interpreting dreams. Keep the conversation going and find someone you can connect with. Maybe they can help you understand if it’s okay to use your name publicly.

Because every tribe has different naming practices, what may mean one thing to me could be something completely different to you based on our tribes.

Dreams and names are an important part of who we are and can be seen as a gift for uncovering messages from our ancestors. Take the time to talk to people in your tribe about them.

Take care,

Auntie Manda

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