I have a crush, he’s white and he thinks he’s from the hood. What do I do?

I have a crush, he’s white and he thinks he’s from the hood. What do I do?

I guess it all depends on if you dig it, or not. 🙂

Clearly you like him, but perhaps there are some things he does that rubs you the wrong way.

You can feel things out by maybe checking him with your awesome sense of humor. So next time, he rolls up all acting all hard, but looking all vanilla, you could say something like, “Dang, you look like you just rolled out of juvie! Don’t worry man, we’re not here to hurt you. You can relax.”Or something like that, maybe he’ll get the hint.

It’s not a good start to a relationship if you’re constantly judging his behavior. It’s not good for you and it’s not good for him. If things do get more serious between you two and this is just something you can’t get around, think about talking to him. Come from a place of love and respect, making sure to take his feelings into consideration.

Consider how you would feel if someone told you something similar. By asking yourself this question, you may discover his behavior is just a part of who he is, or as he may find out; who he is not.

Otherwise, you can just love your man for who he is…a white boy who thinks he’s from the hood.

Good luck!
Uncle Paige

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