I just found out both Great grandmother’s were Native. Since I am crossed with 2 tribes which roll number should I turn into BIA?

Hi there!

Great! What an amazing gift that your family had some information on what tribes you’re from. Keep asking questions, especially from the elders and I’m sure you’ll find some helpful information.

It is super common for people to be from multiple tribes, so you are in good company Generally, the BIA is not involved in tribal enrollment, that’s up to the tribes.

Here’s how to enroll with your tribes:

  • Start by doing an Internet search of your tribes’ official websites. For example, “(Name of Tribe) Enrollment”.

Every tribe has their own requirements for enrollment. You’ll just have to check with your tribe for those specifics.

Generally, enrollment involves

  • Fill out Application
  • Provide Birth certificate/ Social Security Card
  • Provide Proof of lineage or Blood quantum
  • Application fee

I’m glad you wrote in and hope this helps!

Best of luck,

Auntie Manda

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