I might need summer school

Auntie, I might need to do summer school…. Is that a bad thing, and will my friends think I’m dumb?

Hey there! Thanks for the question.

So there are a lot of reasons why people go to summer school, like taking college credits to graduate early, or to catch up, or just get extra support, but they all lead back to helping you get to your goal of being successful and ultimately getting you to walk across that stage at graduation. So how can that be a bad thing?

As for your friends, they might give you a hard time because that’s sometimes what friends do, but they shouldn’t ever make you feel bad for doing the right thing. If they do, let them know. Usually, this should stop things right then and there, but if not, tell them directly to stop teasing or putting you down. If they care about you and respect your boundaries, they’ll stop. If not, it might be a good idea to first say what you need to, then take a break from that person if you feel you need to.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that Summer school is only a few weeks…so before you know it will all be over…plus you’ll be better prepared to hit the ground running when school starts back up.

Best of luck!


Auntie Manda

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