I wanna make a jingle dress but need help who could I ask for help

I wanna make a jingle dress but need help who could I ask for help


The first thing I would encourage you to do is to get a mentor. This person can help guide you through all the things you’ll need to get started. They can coach you on regalia making, dancing with the traditions of style, meaning, and etiquette. Though you might ask family first about regalia, just in case there is someone who may have a dress they are not using and will let you borrow.


If you can’t find someone to help, take things into your own hands by doing it yourself.


My friend told me she watched a bunch of YouTube videos and showed her almost everything she needed to know… other than actual sewing skillz.


  • The first video would be how to do the measurements:

  • This second videoshows how to tie the cones:


If it’s been awhile since you’ve danced, you might need to get back into dancing shape. Remember those 3 minute/ 30 second songs can seem like a lifetime! Check out Shoshone-Bannock’s work out video’s called Powwow Sweat.


Best of luck!
Auntie Manda


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