I want to learn about the story of the spider catching the snake but I can’t verify or find it. Is this a real Ojibwe tale? I am trying to learn more about my Native American culture.

Hi there! And, thanks for writing in.

There are many stories about spiders, like spider woman or grandmother spider. However, I’m not familiar with the spider catching the snake story. Perhaps because it is Ojibwe, which I’m not so familiar with.

If it’s possible, try to reach out and start building connections and relationships with Ojibwe family or others, especially elders. Not only can this help you learn more about this story, but it can help you to learn more about where you come from.

There are many ways you can do this, yet there is no right or wrong way for doing this. Identity and knowing who we are is one of the most important journeys we can walk. I encourage you to explore your identity. This is a great start.

Native American & First Nation cultures are diverse and beautiful. But this exploration should be conducted with respect to our ancestors, past present and future.

Being Native means different things to each person. For some, it means that they are descendants of the original people of North America. For others, it means a way of life or a way of being; a feeling, how one sees the world and one’s self; a way of interacting with nature, family, and Creator. Native culture in North America, is rich in tradition, history, spirituality, art, economics, and politics.

Do your Research:

  • Relatives – start by talking with your family and see what you can dig up.
  • Internet – Once you have some leads, do an Internet search to find out more about your tribe. If your tribe or band has an official website, maybe try contacting the tribal office to see if you can learn more through their records, or if a local library can help.

Make sure through this process of learning more about your culture, the history of your tribe and traditions, that you start from a place of respect and curiosity.

Good luck on your journey.

Take care,

Auntie Manda

P.S. Here are a couple stories you might find interesting: The Ojibwe Dreamcatcher Legend & Spider Woman.

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