I’m looking for new ways to spend Thankstaking…any suggestions?

A lot of us are thinking about new ways we can redefine while recognizing the myth of Thanksgiving.

First, however you decide to celebrate is okay. It’s up to you!

I did ask some of the “Ask Your Relative” team what they will doing and they told me:

  • Going to Alcatraz to take Thankstaking back!
  • Goanna create their own fam traditions making Korean bbq and pasta!
  • Going on a hike with friends
  • Practicing the Spirit of Gathering with family and friends

I’ve got young kids, so I’m going to ask them what things they like to do to show that they are grateful for the things they have and let them know that sometimes what we learn in school and books aren’t always true, especially when it comes to the history of our people.

Take care

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