Is it appropriate to share Native People’s cultural accounts of the creation of stars?

Hi Skipper! Thanks for the question.

Sharing is caring. And, caring is giving credit to the originators of any content.

Every tribe has their own unique creation stories about how we got here, how the universe was created, as well as the relationship of plants and animals. This varies from tribe to tribe.

If you’re saying ‘Native people’s’ star creation stories, I might assume this is a generalized version you’ve heard, rather than from a specific tribe or a tribal member telling you this in confidence. In this case, it’s probably fine to share. Just give recognition to its origins, as best you can.

I have shared stories from my tribe with others (tribal and non-tribal) and others from different tribes have shared stories with me. It’s generally known that you leave out some details, especially if its around sacred elements and give a kinda watered down version, depending on the who you’re telling it to.

If you’re coming with respect, acknowledging the appropriate people, and are open to learning, you should be okay.

Thanks for writing in!

Auntie Manda

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