I have friends back home that give me a hard time about leaving my rez.

I don’t know what to say. How can I shake it off?

Dear “A,” people leave their reservations for different reasons… sometimes for school, a job, to travel, join the military, or to be closer to someone they love. I don’t know your reasons for leaving, but it stinks that your friend isn’t being supportive. It’s difficult to move and start a new life somewhere, and it would be nice if your friend had your back.

Maybe you could try talking to her. Let her know that it hurts you when she teases you about leaving the rez.

If she still chooses to say unkind things to you, maybe she is not a good friend, and she might not be someone to keep in your life.

By the way, “A,” it’s normal to have mixed feelings about leaving home. It can be exciting to make new friends, have new experiences, and become more confident within yourself. You may also be feeling scared, homesick or lonely. This is all normal. Becoming involved in activities in your new community can help you to make friends and settle in.

Good Luck. I hope you work things out with your friend and you feel comfortable in your new town soon.

Love, Auntie

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