My friend has been 3 months without menstruation How can I help her Aunty?

My friend has been 3 months without menstruation so she thinks she’s pregnant. She has a bad smell coming from her vagina. How can I help her Aunty?

What a great friend you are!!! Thanks for writing in. Here’s what she should do:

First things first –

FIND A CLINIC – Finding a health center near you is quick and easy. Just enter your zip code in the testing center locator at or text your zip code to GYTNOW (498669) on your mobile phone. You will get a text message back with information about the nearest testing center to you. Simple.

They may want to do a pregnancy & STD/HIV test. While she is there they will be able to find out if she is pregnant through a blood or urine test. They will probably give her a physical exam too, which will identify what the odor is all about. Make sure she lets them know what she’s got going on though. Full disclosure.

If she is pregnant, they will help her get set up with a primary care physician and set up regular visits with her.

Confidentially for teens – Something to remember while she’s there is that every clinic has what’s called ‘confidentially for teens’. This means that everything is private. Your friend doesn’t have to share any information about her visit with her parents/ guardian if she does not want to. If this is an issue for her, make sure to have her ask the nurse while she’s checking in.

Props to you for being such a good friend. If you want to be an even better friend, make sure she schedules an appointment…like be there while she makes the call to make sure she follows through. And, she may need a reminder the day before her appointment so she doesn’t forget.

Auntie Manda

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