My friend keeps getting bullied by some kids. I want to help but I don’t want to get beat up.

Thank you for writing this in. this is always a tough topic to talk about. First and foremost, safety is of the utmost importance. So make sure you are being safe in all interactions.

There are usually two ways of approaching this. Indirect and Direct approaches. If you are comfortable with directly intervening please do so, but keep your emotions in check and try to be the rational one of the group. If you aren’t comfortable interacting, please go and find an adult or someone who might be more comfortable intervening. Sometimes creating space and distance is a great way of diffusing.

Here are a few more tips to keep in mind.

  1. Notice the Event. Before you can do anything to help in a bullying situation, first you have to notice it. And most importantly don’t ignore it and listen to your gut.
  2. Know when to step in. Be prepared to intervene and help people out. If you’re unsure, check out the warning signs of a bullying situation. Check out the Stop Bullying website here.
  3. Responsibility. So, you’ve noticed a problem situation you think could be stopped if someone stepped in. Now is the time to step up.
  4. Decide How to Help. By learning the right skills, you will know how to safely step in the next time you see a bullying situation. You can do this by intervening immediately, and get help from those around you.
  5. Don’t Just Stand By: Do Something. You know the situation isn’t okay. You know you should intervene. You know you can intervene. Be more than a bystander.

For more information check out:

Bullying is something that can continue, so please let people know and follow up with adults, teachers and friends. Being safe and proactive in your response could help decrease bullying. Most importantly, please check in on your friend. It could be tough being on the receiving side of a bully. It could mean a lot if they have a friend like you who genuinely cares.

Please be safe, respectful and caring.

Uncle Paige

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