How do I know my bf won’t hook up with other girls at powwows this summer?

Hey Auntie, my bf is going to some powwows this summer, how do I know he won’t hook up with another girl?

This is something that billions of others have worried about, especially if you’re in a newer relationship…what if my partner cheats?

It can be hard to be in a relationship when you have to spend some time apart, especially if you’re a little uncertain about your partners faithfulness, so it might be a good idea to just talk about it outright before he leaves.

Even though you may have been with this person for awhile, it’s sometimes not always clear how each of you view the relationship, so get the record straight. You can:

  • First, spend some time thinking about the relationship. Is it something you can see yourself investing in? Is it a relationship built on respect and honesty? Do you trust each other? Do you help build each other up? Or, is it something you see only being short-term? Whatever the case, might be good to have a conversation with your man about it.
  • Find a neutral place to talk…somewhere quiet, where there are not prying ears.
  • Tell him how you feel and where you would like to see the relationship go, however that might be.This will give you both a better understanding of how the other feels and how you’ll want to take it from here.

Having a conversation with your partner, regardless of where you see the relationship going will help you build good communication skills and ultimately help you both to become better people.

I hope this helps.

Auntie Manda

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