Some of my friends are involved in drugs. How do I help them?

Some of my friends are involved in drugs. How do I help them? We used to hang out all the time, but now I feel like I don’t even know them.

Chris, this is an issue that affects so many people’s lives. And I am going to be frank with you. You cannot get another person to stop doing drugs. You can however support your friends and help them get connected with the right resources (like a counselor), but getting clean has to be his individual choice.

Drugs suck because they are sneaky. Before you even realize you have a problem, you might already be addicted and not know how to stop. This is where you can help your friends- by helping them realize that they may have a problem. Sit down with your friend and tell them that you think they may have a problem with drugs. Tell him that you care about them and that you will help them get treatment if they are still interested.

If they rejects your offer because they don’t think their drug use is an issue, it can be really difficult to help.

If you feel like you need some back up go to a trusted adult. Some good people to turn to for support are school counselors, healthcare professionals(like doctors or nurses), teachers, or people who work at drug and alcohol treatment centers. Also, you can go to your other friends and family if you feel comfortable. You can explain your friends situation to them (if they don’t already know) and they can give you advice for how you can support them and cope with your own feelings. Seeing someone you love abuse drugs can be really hard.

Good luck Chris. It is obvious that you care about your friends and want them to get better soon. As someone who understands what it is like to feel distanced from a loved one because of drugs, I know the struggles you are facing. Auntie is thinking about you and your family.

Sending some love your way,

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