I’m moving to LA for college… How can I convince my family I’m making the right choice?

I will be graduating this June, and I thought about taking a risk and moving to LA for college. I know it’s far from home, how can I convince my family I’m making the right choice?

I love it! I’m all about the healthy risk-takers in life. As a person very familiar with healthy risk-taking, I invite you to the team with extended arms!

My immediate response to your question is, how do you convince yourself this is the right choice for you, rather than how do you convince your family?Once you’re convinced, they’ll be more likely to be convinced.

Here’s how to gain the confidence you need:

  • Check out their schools…ASAP! – if you haven’t already, check out and apply to schools you’re interested in, and register for a college tour. A great way to know for sure if the school’s a good fit for you is to hit the road. Invite a family member or two to go with you for the college tours. After seeing what the schools have to offer, as well as your commitment to trying something new, perhaps they’ll start to soften. 

  • What’s so great about LA anyway? – Do your research. Find out what LA has to offer for college students. There are a lot of great things you can take up, like surfing, hiking, biking, checking out Hollywood Boulevard, or catching a professional sports team! You can also start looking for ways to create a big and badder you, by checking with the student union or student support services at your college. 

It’s normal to have mixed feelings about leaving home. It can be exciting to make new friends, have new experiences, and become more confident withinyourself. However, you may also feel scared, homesick or lonely. This is all normal. Becoming involved in activities in your new community can help youto make friends and settle in. So put yourself out there and do it all the way!

I’m totally rooting for you and wishing you all the luck as you become a seasoned healthy risk-taker!

Auntie Manda

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