There is this kid at my school that everyone picks on. Is there anything I can do to help him?

There is this kid at my school that everyone picks on. I think it’s wrong that people are so mean to him. I want to do something to help him, but I’m afraid. Is there anything I can do? 

Sugar, bullying sucks. And nothing makes Auntie’s blood boil more than someone getting picked on, because you never know what affect it will have on them.

Here are some super simple things you can do to help the guy being bullied. First thing – talk to him. Try to remember, he might not trust you at first,but just try to let him know that you care and that you think what’s happening to him is wrong.

Second – include him in your group and get to know him. He might be really cool.

Third thing- and this might require putting yourself out there – is to stick up for him when you see him being bullied. You could talk to your friendsbefore you do this, so you feel safe confronting the bullies. Ask your friends if they’ll help you.

And finally Sugar you can talk to a teacher, counselor or another adult, even if the guy being bullied doesn’t want to go. They can watch out for himand try to make sure that the bullies don’t get away with being punks.

Good luck. Sometimes it takes just one person to stop a bully in their tracks, and that somebody can be you!


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