Were you shy in school? How did you change and make friends?

Were you shy in school? How did you change and make friends?

David, it’s funny that you mention that. In fact I was a really quiet kid in elementary school. I was afraid to speak in class and was shy about talkingto new people. Over time though I became more confident and was able to get over some of my fears, and you can too.

It may sound simple, but the best advice I can give is to try new things that stretch you a little bit. So for example, if you are terrified of publicspeaking, make an effort to raise your hand in class maybe twice a week. It may be painful at first, but eventually you will get more comfortable doingthis and you will feel proud of your achievement (even if it seems small).

Once you are able to do this, take on another challenge. If you are afraid of making new friends, for example, try getting involved in something thatyou really like. You will meet people who are interested in the same thing, and it will give you something in common to talk about- which takes the pressureoff. When I was in middle school I joined my school’s soccer team and thought it was the bomb. Through millions of team practices, games, and other stuffwe all bonded, and even though I was new at my school I met a bunch of new friends.

That’s my story of how I overcame my shyness, but you will find your own way. I trust in that David. We all have something unique to contribute and coolparts of our personalities that others will appreciate. I know it can be hard to see that in yourself sometimes, but it’s true.

Give Auntie an update on what you tried for overcoming your shyness and what worked for you. You are definitely not alone. There are many others who alsostruggle with this. Maybe you can help others with your advice. I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care David,
Love Auntie

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