What advice do you have to connect with my culture?

I think we’re connecting with our culture every time we dance or sing or bead, carve. I think were connecting with our culture every time we spend time with our family or friends and when were in nature. I would just say don’t overthink it and stay present.

I also like to sew. My great grandmother Laura Wright owned her own parky business in Anchorage. My great aunt Shelia made this- and through them I’ve learned how to make my own.

If you want to make your own you can check out Nikki’s videos on YouTube at Sew Yupi’k. She will teach you how to make your very own qaspeq, and a ton of other things on her page. So, when in doubt, make something- make art. I think that’s my answer for a lot of things, but good luck!


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Topics: Culture and Language