What advice would I give to my younger self about relationships?

Ahooo, what’s going on.

Okay, what advice would I give my younger self as it pertains to relationships or sex?

First one is you don’t have to rush. Don’t worry, I know you got all this pressure from everybody saying that you should be doing this or you should be in a relationship or I should be like this. That’s all B.S., Really It is, It’s something we learn from movies about how we should behave. Take your time as you feel comfortable all right?

The second thing I would say is, when you are in a relationship be as honest and open as you can in the communication with your partner and yourself. Constantly check in with yourself about how you are feeling, what you are comfortable with. And do your best to communicate that to your partner and ask to have that and have the same due diligence done to you in return. Open and honest communication helps us as human beings develop ourselves and help us to be better human beings.

That’s it.

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