What is 988?

Hey there! It’s Auntie Manda! I wanted to let you know about a new resource that you can put into your mental health toolbox. It is called 988, which is the national Suicide & Crisis Lifeline (used to be called the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline). You can call or text 988 24/7, if you are having a mental health or substance use crisis.

When you dial 988 you will be connected with a trained crisis worker from a local crisis center. You can talk about any emotional crisis, not just suicide.

The crisis worker will use active listening to assess risk, determine if you’re in danger, and assist you in feeling better and accessing resources. If the crisis worker believes you are in danger, they will work with you to create a safety plan that does not require calling emergency services. Less than 3% of calls result in dispatching 911 services.

If you are calling about a friend or family member who is in distress, the person on the phone will walk you through how to help and provide resources.

Healing and getting help for yourself or others are a normal and important parts of life. Remember you’ve got a wide community of relatives who care about you and want you know you are not alone.

Take care!

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