What is it like to get an STD test

What’s it like to get an STD test? – Ally

Hey Ally! Thanks for the question because I think sometimes STD testing can get a bad rap and they shouldn’t because getting one is really easy. And, anyone who has had unprotected sex, regardless of the number of partners, is at risk for STDs, including HIV, so I’m really glad you asked.

  • Since there is no single test that can screen for all STDs, your health care provider will decide which tests to give you. These tests might include:
  • a physical exam by a doctor or nurse,
  • a urine sample (where you pee in a cup),
  • a blood test,
  • or a swab of your mouth and genitals
  • I might be a little uncomfortable, but none of them should hurt.

Sometimes a diagnosis can be made based on symptoms or a physical exam. Treatment could be prescribed right away. Other times, your provider may need to send a sample away to a lab.

  • During your visit make sure to ask any questions you have. And if you don’t hear back from the clinic by the time they said they’d contact you…give them a call.

To find a testing center near you check out:

  • Before your visit you can learn more about getting tested and all things sexual health at

Way to take care of yourself!

Take care,
Auntie Manda

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