what is the number one cause of death in youth?

Hey there! Thanks for writing in.

I’m guessing you might be doing a school project. In any case, I’m happy to help!

Here what I could find:

  • Among AI/AN ages 1 – 19 years, the four leading causes of death in rank order are unintentional injuries, suicide, homicide, and cancer. Check out this IHS link.

You may not have given much thought to Media Literacy, but it’s such an important skill for us now because we all take in information from lots of different media sources. Unfortunately, some give out false or misleading information and that can affect your health and how you feel about yourself.

In the future, look for reputable websites to find your information. Here’s some tips for things to look for:

  • Media sources that come from websites with .org, .edu, or .gov as these are often more credible and reliable
  • Contact information for the author of the website or media source
  • Media sources that are inclusive for people of various backgrounds and identities, as well as objective and unbiased Look for media sources and messages that have educational purposes when looking for health information
  • Websites that appeal to youth and are interactive. Check out We R Native as an example!

Best of luck and thanks for writing in!

Auntie Manda

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