What is it like to get an STD test?

What is it like to get an STD test?

Hi Ally, getting tested for STDs is really easy.

Depending on your situation your tests might include: a physical examby a doctor or nurse, a urine sample (where you pee in a cup), a blood test, or a swab of your mouth and genitals (to collect samples of fluid, discharge,or tissue cells). These tests might be a little uncomfortable, but none of them should hurt.

During your visit ask the doctor or nurse what you are being tested for, as well as any questions you have. Some people bring a notepad so they can rememberthe things they want to talk about with their provider and so they can take notes during the visit. And finally don’t forget to follow up later if youare not contacted about your test results. I know this is kind of like duh, but you would be surprised.

To learn more about testing site locations close to you, visit the GYT: Get Yourself Tested website. All you needto do is enter in your zip code and a list of testing centers in your area will appear. Awesome.

Also if you want to read more info on STD testing before your visit, check out

I’m glad you wrote in Ally!


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