When ever something bad happens, I try to suicide, how can I get rid of this depression??

Whenever something bad happens, I try suicide. I try to make cuts in order to punish myself. Why does everything feel like everything happening is my fault and it’s not meant for me? How can I get rid of this depression??


Thank you for reaching out. I want to remind folks that we do not monitor the site 24/7. We want to make sure you are okay, so please:

  • If you have harmed or don’t think you can stop from harming yourself, CALL 911   
  • CALL 1-800-273-TALK (8255) anytime day or night to talk with a trained volunteer about how you’re feeling and what’s going on
  • TEXT: “START” to 741 741 to talk over what you are going through via text
  • CHAT: with someone using the National Suicide Prevention’s online chat option

Again, thanks for taking this first step in trying to take care of yourself. People think of harming themselves or suicide when they think there is no way out or now relief from the pain. I can tell you, there are other ways to get relief – ways that will make your life better. Suicide and self-injury may seem like ways to get relief, but they make things worse in the long run. I’m going to strongly suggest that you take the next step and reach out, which you can do this a couple of different ways.

STEP 2 – Find a Mental Health Professional – especially if you want to try and figure out why you may be cutting and attempting suicide. Unfortunately, there are not immediate ways to ‘get rid’ of depression, but there are some really successful and healthy ways to cope with it. With your counselor, you’ll be able to address your depression and whatever else you may want to tackle.

When it comes to selecting a counselor, my recommendation is to find someone you feel comfortable with. Don’t give up if you don’t ‘flow’ with the counselor right away. If you’re not gelling, keep trying until you find someone that works. To find a counselor, check with:

If you’d like more information about cutting and depression, check out We R Native’s website to find out more.

I’m so glad you wrote in and please, please, please find someone to talk to. You are not alone and this Auntie cares that you are safe and well. Getting through painful times makes us stronger – I think you can get through this – especially with the support of others. Sending you my love and prayers.

Take care,
Auntie Manda

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