Who wrote the “Ojibwa dream catcher legend” on

Hi there and thanks for the question!

This particular description came from a high school sexual health curriculum called Native STAND. Within this curriculum there is an activity that was built around this description to foster trust and cooperation and promote a sense of belonging and team spirit among youth groups.

We know that the dreamcatcher is used by many tribes and is said to capture bad dreams. The dreamcatcher originated from the Ojibwe tribe in the Great Lakes regions. It was made from willow hoop with a sinew web.

In the Native STAND activity, we do include a disclaimer about the wide array of uses and origin of the dreamcatcher. For example, some of the Ojibwe tribes that use Native STAND (in ND, MN, WI, MN) adapted the dreamcatcher story to their match their local interpretation.

Hope this answers your question.

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Auntie Manda

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