Why to hawks and turkey vultures keep appearing in my dreams? Why did a vulture actually drop a feather to the ground right in front of me and not fly away? It’s feather landed less than a foot from a hawk feather! I’m not Native American but much respect

Dear Cody,

Every tribe has different associations with animals, so what may mean one thing to me may mean something completely different to another tribe. For example, in my tribe owls are considered good luck because they used to warn us of invading tribes. Whereas, the Navajo consider owls to be bad luck.

The same goes for feathers. Feathers and the types of feathers used by tribes can have variations in their meanings from tribe to tribe. Generally speaking, feathers like eagle feathers are considered sacred because of the relationship and proximity that eagles have with the heavens and the Creator. It’s a symbol of above.

I hope this helps!

Take care,

Auntie Manda

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