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How do I get past this feeling of not belonging anywhere?

Date added: 11/25/23

Hey there, Auntie Sutton here. Thanks for submitting your question “How do I get past this feeling of not belonging anywhere?”- I hear you. Feeling like you don't quite fit in can be tough. But let me share something with ...Read More

What advice do you have to connect with my culture?

Date added: 11/18/23

I think we’re connecting with our culture every time we dance or sing or bead, carve. I think were connecting with our culture every time we spend time with our family or friends and when were in nature. I would ...Read More

Where can I learn to make pow wow dance outfit?

Date added: 11/9/23

Dear Tojan/Toska (Tow-Jhawn/Tow-Skah),  What a great question. In this day and age we are at a great advantage to all the helpful information that is provided to us by the click of a button! Some great places I’ve found to ...Read More

What is the key to a good life?

Date added: 10/4/23

Thanks for writing in, this is a great question that I think we all ask ourselves at some point. To me, living a good life is all about the people you’re around, and your community you build. So no matter ...Read More

What advice would I give to my younger self about relationships?

Date added: 10/4/23

Ahooo, what's going on. Okay, what advice would I give my younger self as it pertains to relationships or sex? First one is you don't have to rush. Don't worry, I know you got all this pressure from everybody saying ...Read More

Auntie Nikki, since coming to college I’ve felt very removed from the land and I feel like I’m losing a really important relationship.

Date added: 09/20/23

Today’s question is: Since coming to college I've felt very removed from the land and I feel like I'm losing a really important relationship. I've always loved things like hiking, gardening and fishing but these are not easily accessible right ...Read More

Auntie Nikki, what is safe sex?

Date added: 09/20/23

Quyana (Thank you in Yup’ik) for this question, I am sure it took alot for you to ask. Safe sex is going to be different for everybody. You will establish consent with your partner but you will also establish guidelines ...Read More

Auntie Nikki, I am white passing native and didn’t grow up with the culture. Where do I start to learn about culture, practices and more?

Date added: 09/20/23

First of Quyana for this question, I relate to it so much on so many levels. Growing up I didn't learn Yupik in the home. I learned it in elementary school. When I got older I took college classes. And ...Read More

Auntie Nikki, how did your program get made?

Date added: 09/20/23

First of all I want to say quyana for this question. Quyana in Yup’ik means thank you. I started Sew Yup’ik in the summer of 2015 just by sewing qaspeqs and it has really taken off since then. And I ...Read More

Auntie Nikki, I’m 22 years old about to turn another page

Date added: 09/19/23

Waqaa (Hello in Yup’ik) it’s your favorite Auntie Nikki with Sew Yup’ik. Today’s question is Hello Relatives, I'm 22 years old about to turn another page. Lately I’ve been feeling depressed and anxious about everything. I’m struggling to find my ...Read More

Dear Auntie Jane, will I ever stop feeling lonely?

Date added: 04/25/23

Hi there! Thanks for writing in. Let’s talk about loneliness and some follow up questions you might have Why do I feel like this? Loneliness is a starving for connection. Some people can be alone and not feel lonely while ...Read More

I don’t feel very feminine these days and so I am wondering if it would be disrespectful for a woman to wear a ribbon shirt as opposed to a ribbon skirt? I’m sure other folks might also wonder about the reverse. Would you have to identify as Two-spirit?

Date added: 01/18/23

Hi there, Thanks for writing in! For these types of questions, I want to be transparent in that I may not provide a traditional, straightforward answer, but instead be here as support and validation in you coming to that answer ...Read More

How do I stop my friend from using drugs?

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