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Hey Auntie, I keep hearing a lot of scary things about fentanyl. What’s the deal?

Date added: 06/7/22

Yes, everyone is talking about fentanyl and for good reason; it’s more common than most think and right now the rates of accidental overdoses is the leading cause of death for 18 to 45 year old’s. Fentanyl is a synthetic ...Read More

I’m in foster care and I’m a Native, but I want to tap into my Native side and was wondering how would I be able to do so?

Date added: 12/24/20

Thank you for writing this question in.  I would encourage you to begin by looking inward. What does being native look like to you? When you say “tap into my native side” what does that mean, and what do you ...Read More

Dear Auntie, what are you grateful for this year?

Date added: 12/18/20

I love this question! In reflecting back on this crazy year, one thing that stuck with me was when we first started hearing and preparing for COVID, I, probably alongside most of the world, was looking at the world infection ...Read More

I like my auntie my mum’s sister and I talk too much but I think she’s annoyed of me so what should I do how often should I speak to her and she’s my favorite aunt.

Date added: 12/16/20

Hey there! Thanks for writing in. 😊 It’s good to be aware of how people react to what we do and say. These are called interpersonal skills. When we take a moment to think about them, or reach out to ...Read More

Hi Auntie! I’m pretty fair skinned compared to a lot of my family and it has always made me feel insecure in my identity. I’ve been called “white girl” or when I say I’m Indigenous I’m asked to “prove it.” How do I gain confidence in my identity as a Native?

Date added: 12/16/20

Hi there, Thanks for reaching out! I answered a question similar to yours recently. Check it out and let me know if you need any more help: Best of luck on your journey, Auntie Manda

Dear Auntie, I’m still a virgin but my boyfriend isn’t. We’ve been together for a long time and I think I’m ready, but I’m scared. What do I do? Will it hurt? How do I prepare myself?

Date added: 12/11/20

Hey there, I’m so glad you wrote in. It’s normal to feel excited or anxious when thinking about having sex for the first time. Just remember that there’s no right or wrong time to start having sex – it varies ...Read More

Hello Auntie, I’ve finally found what people I come from (Purépecha of Mexico)! But, I don’t know how to connect with my culture when it’s so hard to find info? I’ve tried looking online to learn but it gets dicouraging bc there’s not a lot available.

Date added: 12/10/20

Dear Relative, Thanks for reaching out! Identity and knowing who we are is one of the most important journeys we can walk. I encourage you to explore your identity. This is a great start. I am always glad to hear ...Read More

Hello Auntie, I recently found out I am a little over 50% Yaqui from Sonora and Apache from Southwestern Arizona through a DNA test. I know my great grandmother was full blood Yaqui, however we have no birth records. How would I take a blood quantum test?

Date added: 12/3/20

Hey there, Thank you for your question. I am always glad to hear when someone wants to connect to their culture. The issues around DNA testing are complicated and controversial. The short answer is that there is no DNA test ...Read More

Hi Auntie! I’m reconnecting to my mi’gmaq roots, but worry I may not be Native enough to do so. I don’t actually know when the last “full blood” ancestor I had was, but I’d guess traditions stopped being passed down about 3-4 generations ago.

Date added: 12/3/20

Hey there, Thanks for reaching out! Identity and knowing who we are is one of the most important journeys we can walk. I encourage you to explore your identity. This is a great start. There are many ways you can ...Read More

What are some of the risk factors for young Natives who receive mental health treatment and return home?

Date added: 12/3/20

Hi there! Thanks for writing in. From the question and email address, I’m guessing you might be looking into some resources for school? I’m happy to help! Here are some things to get you started: check out We R Native’s ...Read More

My significant others grandmother on his fathers side is Cherokee from OK how can we prove this

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