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I manage a shop that rents costumes, and I found two costume headdresses in our rental inventory. I pulled them and finally convinced the powers that be that we cannot rent these. Is there a respectful way to destroy these headdresses?

Date added: 02/17/20

Hey! Thanks for you support! First, know there is a team of people behind you who are working on this same issue. We’ve got your back and together we can make a difference! As strongly as I can say this, ...Read More

I really just need to talk to someone about "Indian Costumes"

Date added: 10/27/16

Dear Auntie, I really just needed to talk to someone who could understand about this. I have an older Native Woman I really respected comment on a post of mine about "Indian costumes." She told me she thinks there is ...Read More

i just found my friend cuts herself and i also have struggled with self harm for a long time and i know how much it sucks when people point it out do i just wait until she’s ready to tell me herself? how do i talk to her about it?

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