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Hi, My question is what is a good age to come out to your parents?

Date added: 10/13/21

For starters, I’m sending you a big virtual hug! Props to you for reaching out and taking an important first step to your person voyage of self-discovery: coming out. It can be scary and hard to come out, especially when ...Read More

Hi Auntie. So I want to start with saying my family is very diverse and disconnected I’m very white passing but on my moms side we have a lot of indigenous blood from multiple tribes how do I find where I fit in and with who? Also what’s the best way to learn more about my family since we are so disconnected?

Date added: 07/16/21

Dear Akecheta, Thanks for reaching out! Identity and knowing who we are is one of the most important journeys we can walk. I encourage you to explore your identity. This is a great start. There are many ways you can ...Read More

I want to get my children who are registered with a tribe to become a dancer. I know the recommendation is to get a mentor first. How and where can I find a mentor?

Date added: 05/5/21

Great question. I would start with your tribe, or your children’s tribe. If you know of any dancers there, reach out to them either through social media or mutual friends. If you don’t live on, or near your tribe’s reservation, ...Read More

I just found out both Great grandmother’s were Native. Since I am crossed with 2 tribes which roll number should I turn into BIA?

Date added: 06/20/20

Hi there! Great! What an amazing gift that your family had some information on what tribes you’re from. Keep asking questions, especially from the elders and I’m sure you’ll find some helpful information. It is super common for people to ...Read More

I am 1/4th native American Indian how do I apply for tribal money

Date added: 05/6/20

Hey there. Well, there are a couple things to keep in mind. First thing, you’ll need to register with your tribe. Second thing, not all tribes and tribal members receive dividends or revenues. So if you haven’t already registered with ...Read More

I have a favorite black polyester skirt, could I turn it into a ribbon skirt by adding ribbon, or are ribbon skirts always out of calico/cotton?

Date added: 10/15/19

You do you girl!Ribbon skirts are about women being empowered and remembering our sacredness, Tala Tootoosis shares that “It’s teaching them [women] to be empowered and that they already are resilient. Women already have power. A woman is protection because ...Read More

Get over my light skin

Date added: 07/22/19

I’m enrolled with my Tribe on the Yakama reservation, but I have light/white skin and it sometimes holds me back from doing things like dancing in powwows. Is this something I can come to terms with and defeat? Absolutely! The great ...Read More

I often struggle with feeling native "enough."

Date added: 12/7/17

I often struggle with feeling native "enough." My grandma on my dad's side is Ojibwe (Sault Ste Marie, MI) and my grandma on my mom's side is Mexican and knows that she has ties to the Aztec and Kikapu people. ...Read More

Is their truth that Historical trauma could be pass down genetically? If so what can we do to heal as Native Americans?

Date added: 03/29/17

Dear Auntie, is there truth that historical trauma could be passed down genetically? If so what can we do to heal as Native Americans? Wow. Excellent question! Historical trauma is defined as a collective, cumulative emotional wounding across generations, which ...Read More

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