image description Photo Credit: Matika Wilbur
562: A photo project documenting all 562...now 566 tribes in the United States. Matika aims to unveil the true essence of contemporary Native issues, the beauty of Native culture, the magnitude of tradition and expose her vitality. She hit the road in November wanting to create a publication and exhibition of photos representing Native people from EVERY tribe. Check out her website to get the latest and to see when she'll be stopping by your tribe:  http://matikawilbur.com/blog/

Dear Auntie, Hi Auntie Amanda, my name is Ray I recently did AncestryDNA found out I had 53% Native as I traced back what tribe I was from it was from my mother’s side and we are Lipan Apache from Texas my family gave me what he said is our tribe ID what do I do next?

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