Be More Than a Bystander

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You might see bullying everyday. You want to help, but may not know how. Learn how to be more than a bystander, step by step:
Notice the Event. Before you can do anything to help in a bullying situation, first you have to notice it.
Identify the Situation as One Needing Intervention.To be prepared to intervene and help people out, you need to know the signs of a bullying situation.
Take Responsibility. So, you’ve noticed a problem situation that you think could be stopped if someone stepped in. Now is the time to step up.
Decide How to Help. By learning the right skills, you will know how to safely step in the next time you see a bullying situation.
Don’t Just Stand By: Intervene. You know the situation isn’t okay. You know you should intervene. You know you can intervene. So, why don’t you?
Stand Up. Stand Strong
Don't just Stand by.

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