Ill Mind of Ghost Dog: The Beginning

Hello my fellow Native and non-Native brethren’s. My name is Thomas Lee Ghost Dog Jr and I am a 24 year old Indigenous person of North America, better known as an Indian from my Caucasian peeps, and fellow skin from my Native bros. I am an enrolled member of the Burns Paiute Tribe, BPT stand up whaaaa, as well as Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge, SD (straight outta tha Porcupine District). I am the project assistant for Project Red Talon and help with the social media website We R Native. Hopefully most of you are familiar with it, if not, you best recognize son! I help post some of the material you see on our Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

While posting health and wellness material is fun, I thought what better way to speak my own voice than to start my very own blog, “Ill Mind Of Ghost Dog”. These are my very own thoughts and opinions about various topics I see and experience throughout my daily life. I’m hoping most of you can relate because these thoughts and opinions are coming from a young Native American, which I’m assuming most of our followers/likers are……. If not, sit back and enjoy the ride *insert evil grin*

My main goal in starting this blog is the rattle some tail feathers, or get people interacting with the topics I choose to write about. Keep in mind some of you might not agree with my opinions or where I stand on certain subjects, so no need to get your grandma panties in a bundle. That’s the joy of living in today’s world; freedom of speech yo! Also, the way I write and the language I speak may also be different, but again, this is all me and this is how I like to talk…….. So deal with it….. please 🙂

If you have any thing you’d like to hear my opinion about, or where I stand on certain subjects, feel free to email and I’ll do my best to answer it in an upcoming blog. Otherwise, comment below and let’s start a discussion. I believe in respect, so that being said please respect my opinion ( you don’t have to cause I’ll keep on keeping on, no biggie), but I will respect any responses I get.

I hope I got y’all excited about what I’m going to write in my next blog…… Who knows? Maybe I’ll tackle the sore subject of Native mascots……. Or perhaps why I see a lot of single moms my age on the rez……. Or how I’ve dealt with moving to the city of Portland, OR and being called an apple. Shooootttttttttttt. Stay tuned as you journey through the Ill Mind Of Ghost Dog.


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